Jer Thorp, a New York University instructor and former data artist in residence at the New York Times R&D Group, talked about infographics and art during an ATLAS Speaker Series presentation.Nano Twin, a four-piece Colorado group, used technologies ranging from old television sets to an electric sewing maching in an eclectic multimedia performance in the ATLAS Black Box.Members of Boulder's Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance Company performed an interactive aerial dance and video performance entitled Mapping, a reference to genetic mapping, in the ATLAS Black Box.
Electronic media artist Phillip Stearns performed Protochiptune in the ATLAS Black Box theater. His breadboard instrument produced sounds of vintage computers and video game consoles while producing video from the same signal. Early Facebook executive Randi Zuckerberg talked about her journey through Silicon Valley at an ATLAS Speaker Series presentation.Engineer, musician and ATLAS PhD student Jiffer Harriman presents his work, which includes networked music, new musical instruments, and interactive and kinetic art.Rachel Powers, a graduate of the ATLAS Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICTD) master's program, clowns with a character at a youth summit program in Costa Rica during her ICTD practicum at the International Telecommunication Union.The terrific ATLAS Advisory Board comprises leaders from academia, industry and non-profit organizations, and the community. These outstanding individuals are strong and active advocates for ATLAS and guide its ongoing development.The Boulder Laptop Orchestra (BLOrk), the ensemble-in-residence of the ATLAS Center for Media, Arts and Performance, uses traditional instruments, laptops, dancers and projected graphics and animations during performances in the ATLAS Black Box.Internationally renowned artist Christo discussed two works in progress during an ATLAS Speaker Series lecture.