Abhishek Narula’s ‘Distributed Chaos’ Now on Display

Abhishek Narwal’s PhD studies involve the design of a new platform for scaling up networks of motors, lights, or sensors with Arduino. His platform, called “Arduinode”, has allowed him to create a dynamic artwork of 40 connected motors using just 1/100th of the wiring. The motors and beads are arranged in a grid within a frame suspended from the ceiling. Each motor controls the height of its bead, while sensors on the frame of the work detect movement, causing the motor/bead network to react. Narula says, “Every node (or motor) is doing the exact same thing i.e. looking at it’s neighboring motors and the sensor and deciding how to move the beads up and down. From these interactions patterns emerge from the system dynamically.” The work is on display at the Boulder Creative Collective Warehouse now through June 14th during regular Warehouse hours. For more information, visit the BCC Website (link opens in new tab).