Radically interdisciplinary in approach, the Technology, Media and Society graduate program invites students to move fluidly between technical and social domains, blurring traditional boundaries between art, engineering and science through the creative application of technologies and design. ATLAS offers two professional master’s tracks and a Ph.D. program.

The ATLAS Master of Science in Technology, Media and Society in the College of Engineering and Applied Science includes two professional master’s degree tracks:

Student editing image of woman's face on desktop computer in lab.The Creative Technologies and Design (CTD) track prepares students for careers in creative technology and design, offering a trans-disciplinary curriculum that integrates technology skills with a critical, theoretical, and historical understanding of technology, media and the arts.  More»



PhD Student Heather Underwood demonstrates her PartoPen project to community partners from TanzaniaThe Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICTD) track prepares students to effectively leverage information and communication technology in support of underserved communities, in the US and around the world. More»

room full of people working on laptop computes at tableThe ATLAS Interdisciplinary PhD in Technology, Media, and Society  attracts highly motivated students whose interests at the intersections of technology, media and society are not met by traditional disciplinary PhD programs.  More»


A major in the College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS), the Bachelor of Science in Technology, Arts and Media (BS-TAM) offers a broad, transdisciplinary curriculum that integrates technological skills with a critical, theoretical and historical understanding of technology, media and the arts. The BS-TAM curriculum infuses creativity into technology and integrates a technically rigorous education with critical thinking, problem solving, design and creative production. This program attracts designers, makers, tinkerers, and builders—those with unorthodox perspectives and unconventional approaches to technology. Teaching diverse and adaptable skills, BS-TAM equips graduates to address a wide range of 21st century challenges and opportunities.

ATLAS offers three undergraduate programs of study in  Technology, Arts and Media: a Bachelor of Science in Technology, Arts and Media (BS TAM) in the College of Engineering and Applied Science, a Minor in Technology, Arts and Media (MTAM) and a Certificate in Digital Media (CDM). The philosophy of the TAM Program curriculum is to integrate creative production, critical thinking, and technical skills into each course.  TAM teaches a diverse and robust skill-set that is not confined to specific disciplines such as graphic design or digital art. Instead, we challenge students to become aware of the multiple disciplines that relate to a given problem and to contextualize their work accordingly. 

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