Creative Technologies + Design—Students & Alumni

Jenny DeSouchet

Photo of Jenny DeSouchet Jenny DeSouchet received her BA in English Literature from CU Boulder in 2015 and ran for the CU Cross Country and Track team. She has been working in digital marketing since her graduation and currently works for the CU Graduate School. She was drawn to the CDT program to combine her communication skills with a passion for creativity and design.



Tord Rieber

Photo of Tord RiberTord Johan Rieber received his Bachelor in Business Administration from Hult International Business School in London, England. He has a passion for exploring the great outdoors, something that his graduate work in the CTD track lets him bolster through his focus on designing and creating outdoor gear that is visually appealing and lessens the impact left on the environment.


Ian Smith

Photo of Ian SmithIan Smith earned his B.A. summa cum laude in Film Studies from CU Boulder and continues his academic journey with the CTD program. His wildest dream is to be on the forefront of emerging narrative mediums like virtual and augmented reality in order to shape the interactive future of film and gaming. His passion for genre films, especially horror, steer his creative impulses towards the weird and sublime.


Ted Thayer

Photo of Ted Thayer Ted completed a B.S. in Engineering Physics with a minor in Biochemistry and a certificate in Engineering Management from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He plans on studying product development and execution to support his STEAM toy startup ( Ted’s core interests are creating innovative technologies and designing new methods to facilitate collaboration and learning.




Monica Bolles

Photo of Monica-BollesMonica Bolles received her bachelor of science in music with a focus in technology at CU Denver. She has worked as an audio engineer and music producer for the past five years in Denver, Colorado and Nashville, Tennessee. Currently her interests lie in working with sound in three-dimensional environments and creating immersive and interactive experiences, with a specific focus in fulldome production.


Matthew Dickey

photo of Matt DickeyMatthew Dickey received his Bachelor of Arts in the field of the Studio Arts and a minor in Technology, Arts & Media from the University of Colorado. His graduate work in the CTD program focuses on the intersection between the worlds of creative design and fine arts.


Megan Leahy

Photo of Megan LeahyMegan Leahy earned her bachelor’s degree in Integrative Physiology from CU–Boulder, with minors in Technology, Arts & Media and Business. She enrolled in the CTD program to combine her interest in science with her passion for creativity. Megan plans to use animation to better explain complex information, especially in the field of science. Megan currently works as a freelance motion video designer, creating videos for clients such as ATLAS Institute and a professor of Italian at CU.


Emily Lin

Photo of emily linEmily Lin attended University of Colorado Boulder, earning a BA in Psychology, with a minor in Technology, Arts, and Media. She is currently working as a graphic designer for the university and has a strong interest in visual communication. Her goals for the CTD program include developing her creativity as a designer and acquiring new skills she applies to innovative visual communication.

Danny Rankin

Photo of Danny RankinDanny Rankin received a BA in Environmental Studies from CU Boulder in 2015. His primary focus is the development of ecologically focused, open-source hardware for use in sustainable agriculture, something he explores both in his academic work as well as in everyday experimentation on his small farm, located just east of Boulder, CO.


Madison Sabo

Photo of Madison SaboMadison Sabo received her BS in psychology with a minor in Technology, Arts and Media (TAM) from the University of Colorado Boulder. She currently works as a graphic designer for the university. Sabo hopes to leverage her background in psychology with technology and media to create software solutions based on understanding how users think, act and behave in order to deliver compelling designs.


Mitchell Wolfe

Photo of Mitchell WolfeMitchell Wolfe received his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder as well as two minors in Creative Writing and Technology, Arts, and Media. He plans to study media creation and the development of design as a means of communication. His interests include photography, web design, branding, and story-telling.