ATLAS Summer Experimental Music Week—Finale Performance

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Friday, Aug 7
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

ATLAS Institute Black Box Experimental Studio, basement level B2

Event Details

Computer Music 300pxThe culmination of ATLAS Summer Experimental Music Week, featuring avant-garde, experimental electronic music by some of the most respected pioneers in the field, the Finale Performance in the Black Box Studio includes works by Phillippe Manoury together with vocalist Juliana Snapper, as well as performances by Miller Puckette and pianist Eric Lindemann.

Beginning in the 1980’s Manoury, Puckette, and Lindemann worked together at IRCAM in Paris under the direction of Pierre Boulez. They are pioneers in the use of live interactive computer electronics, and their technologies and methods are used throughout the world today in music and the performing arts. This is a rare opportunity to see these musician technologists perform together. Free and open to the public.

6:30 pm    Pre-Concert Talk Back—A brief conversation and introduction by the performers, providing context and background for the works to be performed.

7:00 pm    Concert begins

Dichterliebe I-VII, X-XII Robert Schumann

Juliana Snapper, soprano
Philippe Manoury, piano

En Echo, Philippe Manoury
Juliana Snapper, soprano
Miller Puckette, computer


Illud Etiam Philippe Manoury
Juliana Snapper, soprano
Miller Puckette, computer

Four Russian Songs Igor Stravinsky
Juliana Snapper, soprano
Eric Lindemann, piano

Performing Artists

Miller_Puckette 200x250Miller Smith Puckette is the associate director of the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts and professor of music at the University of California, San Diego, where he has been since 1994. To many, Puckette is best known as the author of Max, a visual programming language for music and multimedia, which he developed while working at IRCAM in the late 1980s. He also authored Pure Data (Pd), a graphical programming language for real-time audio and video performancing, and for the creation of interactive computer music and multimedia works. After authoring the core platform, Puckette made Pd open source, allowing a global community of developers to enrich Pd with a wealth of functionality.


manoury200xPhilippe Manoury was born in Tulle and studied composition at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris . He undertook studies in computer assisted composition with Pierre Barbaud , and joined IRCAM as a composer and electronic music researcher in 1980. From 2004 until 2012, Manoury served on the composition faculty at the University of California, San Diego , where he taught composition, electronic music, and analysis. Manoury’s work is influenced by Pierre Boulez , Karlheinz Stockhausen and Iannis Xenakis, and his early work combines serial punctualism with the densely massed elements characteristic of Stockhausen and Xenakis, and the paintings of Jackson Pollock. 

snapper_opera 200x250Juliana Snapper is an opera singer, voice researcher and artist. Snapper creates performances and installations that push the physical and expressive capacities of the singing body. She combines radical vocal techniques, composition, improvisation, and intermedia dynamics alone and in collaboration. In May 2009, she collaborated with composer Andrew Infanti and costume designer Susan Matheson on the premiere of the world’s first underwater opera, You Who Will Emerge from the Flood, at the Victoria Baths in Manchester, U.K

ELindemann 200x250Eric Lindemann, longtime Boulder resident, began working with his first music synthesizer in 1970, a large analog Moog. He began designing electronic music machines in 1981. For most of this time he was frustrated by the lack of expression achievable through electronic music. In 1983 he began working with samplers, and in 1988 he experimented with physical modeling. In 1997, he returned to the problem of music synthesis, intent on creating an authentically expressive music synthesizer. The result of this work is Synful Orchestra, which launched in 2002.




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