Hurry And Be Still

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Friday, Nov 11 - Saturday, Nov 12
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

ATLAS Black Box Experimental Studio, Roser ATLAS Center, University of Colorado Boulder

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UPDATE FROM THE DIRECTOR:  Our initial concept for this performance was “Hurry and Be Still,” as a reflection and meditation on the way our everyday lives demand us to go fast, hurry up and send out that email only to wait for the response. Or hurry up and get to the airport only to sit at the terminal for several hours. After the intensity of this week, however, we decided to take the show in a different direction. While elements of hurry up and be still are unequivocally present, we changed and added and modified with the intention of creating a space to express the rawness and tenderness sweeping through our country. 


Hurry and Be Still—a collaboration between Kevin Michael Olson and Hunter Ewen—examines the conflicting forces of everyday, time-sensitive tasks, and the delays these jobs create. After rushing to complete these mundane errands, we face a lull before the next wave of work hits. Activities like cooking, home repair, and travel become both faster and slower—and we are left to flounder in the extremes.

A meditation on the nature of “hurry up and wait,” Hurry and Be Still will feature original music, dance, video, and technology by Kevin Michael Olson, Hunter Ewen, the Boulder Image and Sound Network (BISoN) iPad quintet, as well as local dancers, performers, storytellers, and artists.

ewenHunter Ewen (DMA ’13) is a CU instructor, dramatic music composer and multimedia designer. During the day, Ewen teaches students strategies for digital creativity in music, multimedia and design. At night, he composes, solders, choreographs and videos solo and collaborative projects around the world. Ewen’s works rail against the faded borders that separate art from science, music from sound and meaning from meaninglessness.




kevin_olson_2Kevin Michael Olson is a Colorado-based composer whose works span the spectrum from the traditional to the experimental. Kevin holds various degrees in music composition and computer engineering from Colorado State University, the University of Rochester and Duke University. He is currently studying music composition at the University of Colorado Boulder.