MALfunction #2: Democratization

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Thursday, Oct 20
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Museum of Natural History

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The second in a series of intimate events that question where media and society, research and practice meet. This week, one artist and one researcher discuss technology.

aprd_nathanschneider Researcher: Nathan Schneider
“An Internet of Ownership: Democratic Design for the Online Economy”

The disappointments of the sharing economy—for instance, monopolistic conglomerates and systemic labor abuses— stem from its failures to meaningfully share ownership and governance. Under the banner of “platform cooperativism,” an emerging network of cooperative developers, tech entrepreneurs, labor organizers, and scholars are developing a business ecosystem that aligns the ownership and governance of companies and products with the people whose lives are most affected by them. This represents a radical critique of the existing online economy, but it’s also a field of experimentation for healthier ownership design.


jpArtist: JP Merz
“Playing with Technology: The Politics of Electro-Acoustic Music, Lecture & Performance”

Introducing and contextualizing the tradition of performing music with technology, this hybrid lecture/performance will consider how institutions of electro-acoustic music create hierarchies by shaping aesthetic and cultural values, and will propose potential methods for democratizing sound and sound practices.


Free and open to the public