Meeting Spaces and Reservations

ATLAS has several spaces that can be reserved for events or meetings. They include:

Classrooms, auditorium (no food or drink)
• ATLAS 1B31 (40-seat classroom, videoconference capability).
• ATLAS 104 (25-seat computer lab/classroom).
• ATLAS 1B25 (25-seat classroom).
• ATLAS 105 (18-seat computer lab).
• ATLAS 113 (30-seat computer lab).
• Demo-classroom: ATLAS 200 (25-seat, by special request only; used for training teachers.).

• Cofrin Auditorium: ATLAS 100 AUDITORIUM (150-seat).

• Lobby (food and drink permitted): CR100 (capacity 150).

Classes are scheduled via a proposal process twice a year. Preference is given to courses that make the most of the technology.

Special meeting rooms

• Video-conferencing room (no food or drink): ATLAS 202 (12-seat). Used only for video-conferencing (requires training).
• Executive board room (food allowed): ATLAS 229 (38-seat) (videoconference capability). Charges may apply.

Room Reservation Form
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Film Studies Rooms:

To schedule, contact Victor Jendras in Film Studies (303-492-3814,

• Film Screening Room: ATLAS 102 (75-seat, tech support personnel required).  To schedule, contact Victor Jendras in Film Studies (303-492-3814,

• ATLAS 1B29 (40-seat classroom). To schedule, contact Victor Jendras in Film Studies (303-492-3814,


Things to consider before you request a reservation

ATLAS is a classroom facility
• No events will be scheduled more than a semester in advance. No events can be scheduled in ATLAS rooms until the semester’s courses are finalized.

Spring 2016: Events will be scheduled on or after November 24th, 2015.

Summer 2016: Events will be scheduled on or after April 1st, 2016.

• ATLAS’ largest space accommodates no more than 150 people.
• Classrooms are fully booked during the week days and into the evenings.

• The ATLAS Building was built for technology. All rooms for public use are “smart” rooms with projection and audio systems. The building is wireless. Requests requiring technology will be considered priority and “bumping” may occur based on that need up to one month in advance.
• If special technology needs require that a tech staff support person be on site outside of normal weekday business hours, this will add to your costs. Film projection tech support is required.
• It is the responsibility of the requester to obtain training in the technology before the event. For assistance call campus OIT at 303-735-4357.
• To request a group identikey for wireless Internet service, please call 303-492-1172 at least 48 hours in advance.
• Video-conferencing is over IP utilizing polycom VSX 8000 systems. There is no charge for teleconferencing unless a camera operator is required or tech support is needed in off hours.
(Operators wishing to connect to ISDN-based video-conferencing systems will be responsible on the far end for any connection charges. ISDN connections must be made through the bridge at the Health Sciences Center, so prior arrangements need to be made through the ATLAS-assigned ETFS Tech support.)

Catering and Staging Limitations
• No food or drink is allowed in any classrooms or other rooms unless specifically stated. If caterers or other deliveries are expected, the event manager must be on site to receive them and must include these hours in the room reservation request.
• ATLAS does not have furniture to rent. Requestors may use whatever furniture is in the room, but any additional needs are the responsibility of the requestor to make independent arrangements. Such arrangements must be listed by the requestor in the “notes” section on the ATLAS room request form and must be pre-approved by ATLAS.

• Security is important in this building. Part of the booking arrangement may involve obtaining access via an electronic lock system. Should an event require that the building be unlocked outside of normal hours, the requester will be liable for any damage or theft that occurs during this time period.

Fees and reservation confirmation
• Most of the rooms have associated room rental costs. These are determined on a graduated scale per the group requesting.
• Requestors will be sent a confirmation contract that must be returned a minimum of 10 business days before the date of the event.
• If paying by check (for off-campus organizations), the check must be received at least five business days prior to the date of the event or the booking will be canceled. Th check should be made out to The University of Colorado.

Please call 303-735-4577 for current rates.
For questions about these rooms or the on-line form, please contact: