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    "September Sixth"

"September Sixth" was Boulder artist Nathan Wheeler's musical/theatrical memoir and response to the devastation of the recent Four Mile Canyon fire in Boulder. It was performed Jan. 28-29 in the Black Box and was featured on the front page of the Boulder Camera.

Modeling terrorist threats Amy Sliva, a researcher at the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies in the Laboratory for Computational Cultural Dynamics, talked about using computer modeling and forecasting to track terrorist threats during a presentation Jan. 31 as part of the ATLAS Speaker Series, made possible by a generous donation by Idit Harel Caperton and Anat Harel.



February 2011

'And They Lynched Him on a Tree' performed in Black Box

Multimedia collaboration a challenging examination of history

"And They Lynched Him On A Tree" is a landmark 1939 work by black American composer William Grant Still and white poet Katherine Garrison Chapin. It was presented in the Black Box on Feb. 12. The work was scored for orchestra and chorus, and performers sang the roles of a white mob that lynches a black man, and the roles of his friends and family who mourn his passing. The performance also featured video projection, aerial dance and artistic installations/performances throughout the ATLAS building.
The performers were students and faculty from the CU dance and music departments as well as community-based artists. Artistic direction was led by Fred Peterbark (choir) and Onye Ozuzu (choreography).

Save the dates: Speakers Series

The ATLAS Speakers Series is made possible by a generous donation by Idit Harel Caperton and Anat Harel.

Ian Bogost, game designer/author/professor
3 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 17, Black Box
Ian Bogost is an award-winning videogame designer and media philosopher. He is an associate professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, director of the digital media graduate program and founding partner at Persuasive Games LLC. His research and writing considers videogames as an expressive medium. His creative practice focuses on political games and art games. A reception will follow. Free and open to the public. See Bogost's Web site.

Catherine Havasi, MIT Media Lab
4 p.m. Monday, Feb. 21, in the ATLAS Cofrin Auditorium, Room 100

Catherine Havasi, a researcher in artificial intelligence and computational linguistics at the MIT Media Lab, will give a talk entitled "Digital Intuition: Using Common Sense to Understand the World." She is the co-founder of the Open Mind Common Sense project, which uses information about the world to understand natural language text and to make computers easier to use.

Nadine Dabby, computation and neural systems, California Institute of Technology
4 p.m. Wednesday, March 30, in the ATLAS Cofrin Auditorium, Room 100

Nadine Dabby, a Ph.D. student in computation and neural systems at the California Institute of Technology, will give a presentation entitled "Building a Molecular Robotics Tool Kit." She will discuss recent experimental work toward building a tool kit for programming the "active" self-assembly of molecules using DNA.

Save the dates: Center for Media, Arts and Performance

Feb. 23, Wednesday, 7:30 p.m.
Black Box Studio
Pendulum Concert Series,
now in its 10th season, presents the best of new music with CU faculty and students and first-class guest artists. Pendulum's mission is to equip students with the skills and resources for successful composer-performer collaborations, and also to promote new music in our community. Get more information and reserve your seats here. (Free.)

Feb 25-26, Friday-Saturday, 7:30 p.m.
Black Box Studio
The Boulder Laptop Orchestra (BLOrk)
will perform new works including an electric Miles Davis. BLOrk consists of performers equipped with laptops, hemispherical speakers, a variety of control devices and traditional instruments, MIDI controllers, video game accessories, bodily movement and voice. The group is dedicated to exploring innovations in music, art and technology through the integration of traditional and contemporary models of performance. Get more information and reserve your seats here. (Free.)

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