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Students in the DigitalCUrrents class talk about their experiences in the three-week workshop this summer in ATLAS (see story at right below). This video has just been posted on ATLASCUBOULDER's YouTube channel.

         Featured Photo Hardware and software translates data generated by skin contact into visualizations and sound in a performance by Lucky Dragons during the Communikey Festival of Electronic Arts in ATLAS. See this photo and more about ATLAS at the CU ATLAS Flickr photostream.



July 2010

Programming as a high school teaching tool

Teachers gain computational skills to enhance student learning

Twenty-two high school teachers from all over the country (in photo above) learned how to integrate programming and gaming into their classrooms during a workshop from June 25-27 in ATLAS.
The program, entitled CS4HS, was sponsored by Google, the University of Colorado department of Computer Science, AgentSheets Inc. and ATLAS.
"The aim (of the workshop) is to convey both key concepts and important skills, both in a form that enable you to engage your students with the material," according to the wiki for the workshop, which is on the Web at
ATLAS director John Bennett, who is a computer science professor, and ATLAS Board member Clayton Lewis, also a computer science professor, were among the speakers for the workshop. Slides of their presentations are on the wiki.
The Daily Camera newspaper covered part of the program; read about it here.

Regents review proposal for new ATLAS master's degree

The University of Colorado Board of Regents reviewed the new ATLAS Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICTD) master's degree program in June.
"The ATLAS Institute proposes this unique graduate degree program to prepare students for careers in the use of information and communication technology to advance people and communities in developing nations, and in underserved and impoverished areas of developed nations," says the ATLAS proposal submitted to the Regents.
Revi Sterling, director of the program, and ATLAS director John Bennett were interviewed by the Daily Camera a few days before the Regents met. Read about it here.
The program is the first of its kind in the country.

DigitalCUrrents class produces North High School documentary

Fifteen students from Denver's North High School completed a documentary video for the 100th anniversary of their school as part of the DigitalCUrrents three-week summer intensive at ATLAS.
The students learned various technologies that combine visual elements with software such as Flash and the Google Sketchup 3D modeling program.
Jacob Melvin, a University of Colorado computer science and ATLAS Technology, Arts and Media (TAM) graduate, spoke to the class about his job as a technical director at DreamWorks Animation, where he has worked on projects such as "Kung Fu Panda" and "How to Train Your Dragon."
Read about his presentation in the ATLAS blog at and in a Daily Camera article here.
A video interview of the students is on the ATLASCUBOULDER YouTube channel.

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