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Using a modified piano with various found objects placed on its strings and video projected on a screen, CU artist/composer Ryan Wurst created a dream-like emotional environment in Black Box performances on Oct. 8-9.

     ATLAS Speaker Series Cultural critic, visual theorist, artist and experimental poet Johanna Drucker talked about "Technologies of Text, from Printed Page through Digital Age," as part of the ATLAS Speaker Series on Nov. 5. She is the UCLA Martin and Bernard Breslauer Professor, Department of Information Studies, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies. The ATLAS Speaker Series is made possible by a generous donation from Idit Harel Caperton and Anat Harel.



November 2010

Black Box audience moves through artwork of music, video, text

Erin Costello and Aaron Angello, both creative writing graduate students, invited audience members to move within their immersive environment of video, sound and poetry in the ATLAS Black Box in performances on Oct. 22-23.
The installation included live DJs and VJs and pages of poems hanging in mid-air. The artists asked the question: What place does the printed word have in the distraction and noise of a media-saturated world?
Audience members became part of the artwork as they walked, their bodies becoming screens for the video and their shadows interacting with overlapping forms.
View video of the performance on the ATLAS YouTube site.

Ph.D. students featured on ATLAS blog

Meg Ambrose, a second year doctoral student in the ATLAS Technology, Media, and Society Ph.D. program who is researching the impact that privacy and intellectual property laws have on creativity and innovation, writes about patients writing reviews of their doctors and, separately, she writes about the movie "The Social Network" this month on the ATLAS blog.
She is one of several graduate students who will be contributing to the blog.
Read her posts by clicking here.

Save the date: Una

Una, a multimedia fusion of dance and theater, brings a unique coming-of-age story to the ATLAS Black Box at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 18, and at 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 19.
An ambitious production with five actors, seven dancers, two musicians and video, Una is the creative vision of CU-MFA dance student Katie Key.
"We tell the story of a young women named 'Una' as she grows up, journeying through three different worlds, each with their own challenges," explained choreographer/producer Key. "Each world -- good, bad, extraordinary or routine -- is expressed through bold color, beautiful costumes, original live and recorded music, plus video."
Seating will be arranged in the shape of a triangle. Audience members will surround and view performers on three sides in a variation of theatre-in-the-round. Dancers and actors will perform both inside and outside the triangle, breaking the fourth wall and immersing the audience in Una's world.
Reservations for the free event are recommended and are available by clicking here.

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The ATLAS Institute (The Alliance for Technology, Learning and Society), established in 1997 at CU-Boulder, is a campus-wide entrepreneurial catalyst and incubator for innovative interdisciplinary research and creative, educational outreach programs, made possible by information and communications technology.

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