Technology, Arts and Media Faculty

Aileen Pierce
Instructor Aileen Pierce (B.S. Math/Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University) has taught in the Technology, Arts and Media program since 2004. Her courses focus on the intersection of technology and society, and integrate programming into new media. Pierce worked nine years in Silicon Valley at Oracle and at two startups.

Amy Goodloe
Amy Goodloe (BA, Agnes Scott College; M.Ed., University of Virgina, MA, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University) is an instructor for the Program for Writing and Rhetoric (PWR), where she served as the Digital Composition Coordinator for two years. A long-time member of the PWR Digital Composition Committee, she offers workshops and presentations for faculty. She offers digital storytelling presentations and workshops to the university and community through COLTT, Norlin Learner’s Lunch, the Association of Independent School Librarians, the Center for Digital Storytelling and other groups.

Ian Hales

Ian Hales (MS Advertising Management, University of Denver, BA Studio Arts University of Colorado at Boulder) is a graphic artist and designer. His courses focus on digital art, 2D and 3D animation, new media design, gaming and virtual societies.

Kevin Hoth
Kevin Hoth, (BS Art University of Wisconsin. Madison, MFA University of Washington. Seattle) an adjunct lecturer, is a multimedia artist, commercial and fine art photographer, and photography/digital media educator. He has used traditional and digital photographic technologies creatively since 1995 and has exhibited photography, digital images, video and solo performance work in over 70 exhibitions around the U.S.

David Schaal

TAM lead multimedia instructor David Schaal (BFA Fine Art, BA Psychology, MFA Integrated Art, University of Colorado at Boulder) is a digital artist showing nationally and internationally. The first faculty hire in ATLAS, Schaal has developed and taught TAM courses since its inception in 1998.

Joel Swanson
Director [web]
Artist, writer and TAM director Joel Swanson (MFA Computing and the Arts, University of California, San Diego) teaches digital art, media theory and design history. His artworks are motivated by literary theory and include a series of installations, both real and virtual, that explore the nature of language and its embodiment. Swanson’s work has been shown in national and international venues.

Dave Kalahar
Program Adviser
Dave Kalahar is the adviser and logistics coordinator for CU’s Technological Arts and Media Program. He is the sole adviser for this quickly growing program, which began with only 200 students in 2006 and now is home to nearly 700 students with some of the most diverse majors and backgrounds on campus.

Stephanie Wanek
Program Manager
Stephanie Wanek works in a variety of areas here, including student advising, course registration, and helping Dave Kalahar with TAM administration. In addition, she manages TAMs social media sites and outreach efforts to stay connected with TAM Alumni.