Faculty and Staff Directory

ATLAS Institute Administration
Jill Dupré, Associate Director and Industry Partnerships Director, 303-735-1454, ATLAS 207C, bio.
Mark D Gross, Director, 303-735-4577, ATLAS 213, bio.
Sara Preston, Budget and Accounting, 303-492-8253, ATLAS 226, bio.
Sage Sollie, Building Proctor and Front Desk, 303-735-4577, ATLAS 223, bio.
Nick Sutcliffe, Communications Director, 303-735-6153, ATLAS 221, bio.
Randi Viola, Budget and Accounting, 303-735-6211, ATLAS 228, bio.
Stephanie Wanek, Assistant Director and Operations Director, 303-735-0797, ATLAS 215, bio.
FAX: 303-735-1605

ATLAS Center for Media, Arts and Performance
Bret Mann, Technical Manager, 303-492-2675, ATLAS 2B05, bio.
Gary McCrumb, Performance Production Manager, 303-735-2006, ATLAS 2B25, bio.
Greg O’Brien, Media Specialist, bio.
Michael Theodore, Director, 303-735-1336
FAX: 303-735-1605

ATLAS Technology, Arts and Media (TAM) and ATLAS Faculty
Matthew Bethancourt, 303-735-5739, Director, ATLAS 231D, bio
Ian Hales, Instructor, 303-735-6560, ATLAS 231C, bio.
Kevin Hoth, Instructor, 303-492-6965, Atlas 233, bio
David Kalahar, Advisor and Logistics Coordinator, 303-735-6588, ATLAS 227, bio.
Aileen Pierce, Associate Director, 303-735-6560, ATLAS 231B, bio.
Marisa Reynolds, TAM Advisor, 303-735-4834, ATLAS 231A, bio
David Schaal, Instructor, 303-735-2917, ATLAS 231C, bio.
Joel Swanson, Assistant Professor, 303-735-2933, ATLAS 101, bio.
Ben Shapiro, Assistant Professor, 303-735-4577, ATLAS 225A, bio.
Dan Szafir, Assistant Professor, 303-735-7892, ATLAS 225D, bio.
FAX: 303-735-1533

Graduate Program
Ruscha Cohen, Graduate Program Co-Director, 303-492-5081, ATLAS 207A, bio.

Alicia Gibb, BTU Lab Director, ATLAS 109

ATLAS Development
Stephen Hawthorne, Senior Director of Development, 303-492-0940, ATLAS 227

ATLAS Assessment and Research Center (ARC)
Sarah Hug, Research Associate, 303-735-0993, ATLAS 1B21
Kim Kalahar, Program Manager, NCWIT Extension Services and PAIRS, 303-735-6004, ATLAS 234
Tim Weston, Research Associate, 303-735-2687, ATLAS 225D
Undergrads: Tanner Bergamo, Frances Li, and Donovan Prark, 303-735-4388, ATLS 234
FAX: 303-735-5621

National Center for Women and IT (NCWIT) 322 UCB Suite 231
Lucinda Sanders, OIR Director and Executive Director NCWIT, 303-735-5108, ATLAS 231D
Terry Morreale, Associate Director, 303-732-0922, ATLAS 231A
Catherine Ashcraft, Research Associate, 303-735-1282, ATLAS 227
Adriane Bradberry, Design Coordinator, 303-492-5213, ATLAS 322
Julia Carlson, NCWIT Main Phone, Office Manager, 303-735-6671, ATLAS 231
Wendy DuBow, Research Associate, 303-492-5462, ATLAS 324
Dori Farah, Corporate Relationship Manager, (940) 704-0843
Catherine McKee Ertz, Associate Director for Finance and Administration, 303-735-6703, ATLAS 231B
Tim Faiella, NCWIT Social Science Program Manager
Jannie Fernandez, Technology Program Coordinator, ATLAS L101
Malia Frederickson, Aspirations Award Program Manager, 303-732-3271
Marissa Hofferber, NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Educator Award Program Manager and Operations Liaison, 303-732-7452, ATLAS 231
Lauren Jones, NCWIT Finance and Accounting Manager, 303-492-4608, ATLAS 231C
Kimberly Kalahar, Program Manager Academic Alliance, 303-735-6004, ATLAS 320
Michele Leonard, Event Producer, 303-735-5187, ATLAS 231C,
Ammi Ludwick, Director of Aspirations, 303-492-8581, ATLAS L101
Jennifer Manning, NCIWT AspireIT Program Manager, 503-754-2349
Bradley McLain, NCWIT Research Associate
Beth Quinn, Research Associate, 303-735-6671
Bridget Quinn,  Aspirations in Computing Regional Affiliate Manager, 816-721-1217
Jill Reckie, Program Manager Pacesetters, 303-735-1158, ATLAS 320
Emmy Soyka, Extension Services, 303-492-1520, ATLAS 231
Lyn Swackhamer, Research Associate, 303-735-7854, ATLAS 324
Lauren VonRoenn, NCWIT Event Manager and Operations Specialist, 303-732-6435, ATLAS 231
Aaron Vimont,Technical Project Manager/Webmaster, 303-492-9489, ATLAS 233
Zhen Wu, Research Associate, 303-492-3271, ATLAS 227
Kathy Zettl-Schaeffer, Aspirations in Computing Regional Affiliate Manager, 503-944-9993, ATLAS 231
Undergrads: Elizabeth Achulo, Elizabeth Ernst, Meagan Kohls and Luna Ly; 303-735-6671, ATLAS 231
FAX: 303-735-6606

OIT (Office of Information Technology)
Brandon N. White, Dedicated Desktop Support Professional, 303-492-3536 ATLAS 1B27