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Current Students

Alea Akins

Photo of Alea-Richmond-AkinsAlea Akins studied at Colorado State University and graduated with a B.A. in Language, Literature and Cultures with an emphasis in Spanish and a B.A. in Technical Journalism and Public Relations. She served in the Peace Corps from 2008-2010 in Ecuador where she was a public health and community development volunteer partnering with the Ministry of Health, Plan International and USAID. She sees ICT as an effective and relevant method of engagement and a tool for working with young people locally and internationally.

Mary Bowannie

Photo of Mary BowannieMary K. Bowannie is of the Zuni and Cochiti Pueblos of New Mexico. She is entering the ATLAS MS-ICTD program to further her work on the technological issues and challenges facing the over 500 federally-recognized Tribal Nations in the United States.Bowannie served as the lecturer in the Native American Studies department at the University of New Mexico, focusing on journalism and politics in Native American communities. She incorporated her media experiences into the classroom where she had students look critically at the media’s impact on Native America. Her specialties include online instruction in the areas of current events in Indigenous communities, voting and tribal communities, and tribal gaming.

Cassiane Cladis

Photo of Cassiane Cladis_Cassiane Cladis received her undergraduate degrees in International Affairs and in Technology, Arts and Media (TAM) from the University of Colorado Boulder. She focused on Sub-Saharan Africa, spending a semester in Senegal, and studied French. She currently is in charge of the social media marketing and branding of a start-up company in Denver.

Nalini Indorf Kaplan

Photo of Nalini KaplanNalini Indorf Kaplan earned her BA in International Studies from The American University and a Graduate Certificate in Organizational Development from Columbia University’s Teachers College. Her career spans roles as a CPA, entrepreneur, management consultant, investor, educator, financial and business coach, wealth advisor and currently a strategist, marketing director, chaplain and spiritual director. Her academic interests lie in distance education, information ethics and the impact of technology/communications on communities and spirituality.

Jenna Keenan-Alspector

Photo of Jenna Keenan AlspectorJenna Keenan-Alspector graduated from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and a concentration in accounting. She went on to earn a Master of Taxation from the University of Denver. Keenan is a CPA with a specialty in tax credits including the Research and Development Tax Credit and Cost Segregation/Building Analysis studies.

Andrew Kiproff

Photo of Andrew KiproffAndrew Kiproff studied New Media: Interactive Development at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Following graduation, he pursued a career in online and digital marketing, which resulted in extensive international travel and the creation of an organic cotton supply chain, Connect One Threads, that helps connect international artists with organic cotton farmers and producers across Turkey. While studying ICTD, Andrew hopes to continue expanding his sustainable clothing community, while facilitating constructive social change.

Joey Lyon

Photo of Loey LyonJoey Lyon is a former Planned Parenthood fundraiser whose main interests are sexual health, education and access to and allocation of reproductive healthcare services. He plans to use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to analyze and interpret reproductive healthcare data both domestically and abroad.


Barbara MacFerrin

Photo of Barbara MacFerrinBorn in Argentina, Barbara MacFerrin grew up in the U.S. and earned her B.S. in Information Systems Security. She has worked in Information Technology in various environments ranging from the aerospace industry to healthcare and wellness. In addition, she has worked as a social worker with the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program. In ICTD, MacFerrin plans to combine her technical background with her longstanding passions for travel, discovery and photography to help empower underserved communities.

Carolyn Moreau

Photo of Carolyn MoreauCarolyn Moreau, who grew up in New Zealand, is a journalist and filmmaker and currently works as a videographer in the communications department at CU.


Tim Morrissey

Photo of Tim MorriseyTim Morrissey received a B.A. in English with distinction from the University of Colorado. Currently, he owns and operates a small business with his wife and works for the CU-Bookstore.


Grant Oberholzer

Photo of Grant OberholzerGrant Oberholzer graduated from Liberty University receiving a bachelor’s degree in business management in 2011. After working in the IT industry, he chose to continue his education at CU-Boulder. He is currently employed by CU’s Anthropology Department as an IT administration assistant.


Daniel Paiz

Photo of Daniel PaizDaniel Paiz earned a BA in International Affairs from the University of Colorado Boulder. His goal in pursuing ICTD is to continue using his academic background in international affairs to address challenging issues in society.


Jenny Phelps

Photo of Jenny PhelpsJenny Phelps earned her BFA in Interior Design at the University of North Texas. After working as a commercial designer, she received her elementary teaching license. She then served from 2009 to 2011 in the Peace Corps in Kazakhstan as an education volunteer, also aiding in health and human rights. After her service, she worked at an international school in Venezuela. She is focused on a career that incorporates technology in positive ways to develop awareness of health-related issues and education on both global and local levels.

Diana Presenti

Photo of Diana Presenti(coming soon)

Joanne Reid

Photo of Joanne ReidJoanne Reid has an undergraduate degree in mathematics from the University of Colorado and has skied on the CU Buffs ski team.

Dani Rodriguez

Photo of Dani RodriguezDani Rodriguez got started in technology-centered classes in the ATLAS Technology, Arts & Media (TAM) program while she pursued her BA in English Literature. She always had a mind for theory and discourse analysis. The MS-ICTD program encouraged this interest while developing skills in programming and a holistic understanding of global development and IT innovation in emerging markets. Throughout her undergrad career, Rodriguez was active in community studies through the Puksta program and Institute of Ethical and Civic Engagement. She is finishing up her degree while serving as an Americorps VISTA volunteer with Utah’s Refugee Services Office.

Kari Santos

Photo of Kari SantosKari Santos has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and has worked as a software engineer for more than 20 years. Her projects have included digital communications technology, digital video, Facebook and websites. She works for a Boulder startup designing software for enhanced e-books. A few years ago, she, her husband and their three children travelled though Asia for a year, volunteering about a third of the time with NGOs in four different countries.

Sara Sutherland

Photo of Sara SutherlandSara Sutherland is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin where she earned a degree in Government with a minor in Spanish. She plans to develop her interests in global health policy while using her language abilities and fundraising experience. She is a distance runner for the CU cross country/track team.


Alex Viggio

Photo of Alex ViggioAlex Viggio’s career in software development spans more than two decades. User experience and how it relates to software and data quality has been a common thread through industry sectors that include Internet services, information technology, financial services, telecommunications, non-profits and transportation. His professional interests include community building, the evolution of collaborative technologies and software development best practices.

Gena Welk

Photo of Gena WelkGena Welk has a B.S. in Business Administration from CU Boulder, as well as an M.A. in Digital Media from the University of Denver. After taking time off to focus on raising a family, she is now taking time to focus on technology and how it’s changing the world. She is passionately interested in privacy issues, telecom policies in the US and abroad, and the way the human brain is adapting to screen technology plus the negative effects it could be having on our children.

Also a current student: Alex Green


Christopher Bopp

Photo of Chris_BoppChris Bopp received his B.S. in Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology. He has consulted for many organizations, providing guidance on information systems design and security. Bopp gained experience in bridging technology and social issues while at the AIDS Foundation of Chicago and is interested in using big data to understand and evaluate development initiatives.

J. Buckner

Photo of J-BucknerJohn William Buckner received a B.A. in Mass Media Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations from Hampton University. After a successful career as an account executive and project manager, Buckner is shifting his career toward assisting socially-responsible enterprises to use technological solutions to enable personal, organizational and community development. In the MS-ICTD program at ATLAS, he is focused on inner-city development with an emphasis on program analytics to evaluate the efficacy of education and prevention programs that address teen marijuana use in relation to dropout rate in urban schools.

Chris Carruth

Photo of Chris CarruthChris Carruth lectures at CU-Boulder’s ATLAS Institute where he also works as research assistant with the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT). In addition, he is growing a monitoring and evaluation consultancy that focuses on self-reporting and empowerment through the use of conventional and visual methods.

Matthew Crum

Photo of Matthew Crum_Matt Crum thrives on creating people-centered technical solutions that are as effective and intuitive to use as possible. This ranges from sustainable school-based education technology to front end Javascript applications that make tools easier to use. He was influential in designing the framework for World Vision International’s globally-used Community Knowledge Center and telecenter design. He has a BS in Computer Science from West Virginia University.

Neil DiMuccio

Photo of Neil DiMuccioIn the MS-ICTD program, Neil DiMuccio focused on how technology impacts financial innovation in the field of microfinance. For his practicum semester abroad, he served as client relationship manager in Kenya with Zidisha.org, the world’s first peer-to-peer international microlending site. He is currently pursuing a career in social finance. During his undergraduate years, he focused on economics, political science and Latin American studies.

Luke Groeninger

Photo of Luke_GroeningerLuke Groeninger received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from CU. He also served in the United States Army for seven years, where he gained first-hand experience in international development during his three deployments in Iraq.


Lakshmi Haridas

Photo of Lakshmi_HaridasLakshmi Haridas is a computer engineer experienced in semi-conductors. As an MS-ICTD student, she had a focus on mobile.


Matthew Hulse

Photo of Matt HulseMatthew Hulse worked as a researcher in the World Bank headquarters, Washington D.C. As part of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s Transport, Water and Information/Communication Technology (TWICT) group, he aided initiatives in telecommunications, software infrastructure, energy and technology-for-change.

Kevin McElhinney

Photo of Kevin McElhinney_Kevin McElhinney created a free and open source Web-based solar photovoltaic monitoring platform to track solar input, usage and system health. His pilot site was in Laschobas, Haiti. He is currently a web engineer with VerbalizeIt and describes himself as a “jack-of-all-trades technologist” and “service oriented… problem solver.”

Maryam Moghaddam-Sadeh

Photo of  Maryam_M-SadehFor her practicum semester, Maryam Moghaddam-Zadeh spent two months in Iran working with the Iranian Epilepsy Association as a consultant, helping them use technology for better communication with epilepsy patients, doctors and the public. She received her B.S. in electrical and computer engineering, and a B.A. in psychology from CU-Boulder.

Alexandra Morgan-Kisarale

Photo of  Alexandra MorganAlexandra Morgan-Kisarale is the Director of Learning Solutions at CSMlearn, a Boulder-based, mission-driven technology company, where she leads business development in emerging markets as well as customer engagement and support in the U.S. and abroad. Prior to joining CSMlearn, she spent two years working in Haiti leading educational technology initiatives, including the deployment of 21 school-based laboratories and educational research efforts at World Vision’s Haiti Office. She has a BA in Political Science.

Mustapha Naseem

Photo of Mustapha NaseemMustapha Naseem is director of the Innovations for Poverty Alleviation Lab (IPAL), a part of the Information Technology University (ITU) in Lahore, Pakistan. He interned at the FCC, Nokia Siemens Networks and the World Health Organization. He received his degree in electrical engineering from Pakistan’s National University of Science and Technology.

Rachel Powers

Photo of Rachel_PowersWithin the UN system, Rachel Powers worked with member states and private sector stakeholders to highlight the ICT opportunity for persons with disabilities. In the nonprofit field, she supported the development of information systems to streamline vaccine supply chain logistics. She is passionate about technology issues that have lasting effects on the greater community of global development, international policy, technological innovation and consumer well-being. She received a BA in linguistics at the University of Washington.

Hawra Rabaan

Photo of Hawra_RabaanFor her practicum semester, Hawra Rabaan worked with Dar Si-Hmad for Development, an NGO located in Southern Morocco. She helped develop a monitoring application for the fog-harvesting infrastructure in the Anti-Atlas Mountains. With a BS in information technology, Rabaan is originally from the east coast of Saudi Arabia. Growing up in Pittsburg, PA, she went back to Riyadh, SA at the age of 8 where she spent most of her life. She is passionate about women’s rights and empowerment, youth and education.

Joellen Raderstorf

Photo of Joellen_RaderstorfJoellen Raderstorf worked in Namibia observing first hand the power of social enterprise in assisting community development for her MS-ICTD practicum. She is now the business development manager for divi, a start-up company that uses technology-enabled micro-credit to bring solar lighting to off-grid communities in Africa. Her work continues to be fueled by the core belief that “poor” people do not exist, only people lacking access.

Isla Schanuel

Photo of Isla_SchanuelSchanuel’s background is in web development and technical support. She currently works for CU-Boulder’s Anderson Language & Technology Center. Her interests include user research, experimental psychology and design.


Scott William Dudley

Photo of Willam Scott dudleyScott William Dudley, aka ‘Koda’, earned a BS in Computer Science with an English minor at the University of North Texas in 2003.
His career focused on interactive media and the social Web as well as virtual community and social media. Most of this experience revolved around the videogames industry. He works as a consultant and serves on the board for two non-profits, including the Presidential role at Apogaea Inc,, a 501(c)(3) for the arts.

 Milee Shrestha

Photo of Milee_ShresthaMilee Shrestha received her undergraduate degree in New Media Art, Computer Graphics from the University of Electro-Communication, Chofu Tokyo. Her post-graduate research enhanced her understanding of theories and conventional and unconventional applications of computer science and technology.


Leland Smith

Photo of Leland Smith

Leland Smith is a long-time technology enthusiast who has spent the last few years learning how to properly apply it to development. He came to Boulder from Washington D.C. with previous experience in the Peace Corps, USAID contracting, and web development for Ashoka, a social enterprise non-profit. After finishing up coursework with ATLAS, he’s now back in DC doing a practicum with Tetra Tech International Development, helping to build a technology-for-development unit out of their old geospatial technologies group. He’ll be staying on with Tetra Tech after graduation in the DC area.

Abigale Stangl

Photo of  ABigale stanglAbigale Stangl is interested in practicing mixed-methodology research to appropriately and creatively enhance the design of technologies, services, and environments. She applies her background in environmental planning, information communication technology for development (ICTD), and interaction design to support communities looking to use technology to cultivate meaningful experiences and informal educational opportunities.

Vickie Stubbs

Photo of Vickie StubbsVickie Stubbs received her undergraduate degree in Japanese, German and Political Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder. After working in industry for many years and then the ATLAS Institute where she witnessed students go through the MS-ICTD program, she decided to utilize her political science and language skills in a way to benefit society.

Nicole Stephan

Photo of Nicole StephanPart of the first graduating cohort of the MS-ICTD program, Nicole Stephan went on to Western States Art Federation (WESTAF) where she leads the development of the nation’s first creative economy data portal and visualization tool, the Creative Vitality Suite. Prior to attending the ICTD program, Stephan worked as senior designer with Wall Street on Demand (Markit on Demand). She has a BFA in graphic design from the College of Creative Studies in Detroit.

McClees Stephens

Photo of McClees_StephensMcClees Stephens has worked internationally since her first trip to Australia in 2004. Since then, her work has taken her all over the world, especially Latin America. She has found great joy in learning the history of the Internet, how it is built and impacts societies. Simultaneously, she is learning how societies have prospered before its invention for thousands of years.

Rachel Strobel

Photo of Rachel strobelRachel Strobel has experience with counter human-trafficking efforts in Mexico City, working with survivors and influential politicians. She has developed technology solutions for various NGOs in Mexico and Kenya. Strobel also worked with the prestigious Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) in London, where she helped with policy and regulatory analysis. She received her BA in communications at CU-Boulder.

Aaron Vimont

Photo of Aaron_VimontWith a BS in computer science, Aaron Vimont worked at a computer engineering company before pursuing the MS-ICTD. Attracted by the MS-ICTD program’s versatility, he wanted to explore new ways to learn and use computer science. Completing an internship with the FCC’s Accessibility and Innovation Initiative, he is now Technical Project Manager and Webmaster at the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT).

Alexis Wagnon

Photo of Alexis_WagnonAlexis Wagnon focused her master’s degree studies on sustainable development and communication technology strategies that can be used to revolutionize international and community development. As a communications and social media strategist, she has worked with the Boulder Conservation Center, Silicon Flatirons and Jamba Juice. She received her BA in communications and social marketing from Texas A&M University.