deprecated: mdg 9/12/15 – Ph.D. Courses (Subject to Change)


ANTH 5020-3, Exploration in Anthropology [Globalization] ANTH 5530-3, Theoretical Foundations of Sociological Anthropology
ARTS 5176-3, New Directions in Digital Arts
ARTS 5316-3, History and Theory of Digital Art
ATLS 7000-1, ATLAS PhD Seminar
BPOL 7530-3, Doctoral Seminar: Strategic Management 2
COMM 5420-3, Readings in Group Interaction
COMM 6010-3, Communication Research and Theory
COMM 6030-3, Qualitative Research Methods
COMM 6200-1-3, Seminar: Selected Topics [Seminar in Organizational Cultural Change
COMM 6330-3, Seminar in Rhetoric of Science and Technology
CSCI 4838-3, User Interface Design
CSCI 5582-3, Artificial Intelligence
CSCI 5622-3, Machine Learning
CSCI 5828-3, Foundations of Software Engineering
CSCI 6268-3, Network Security
CSCI 6838-3, User Interface Design
CSCI 7412-2, Cognitive Science Research Practicum 1
ECON 7010-3, Microeconomic Theory 1
ECON 7020-3, Macroeconomic Theory 1
ECON 7818-3, Mathemathical Statistics for Economists
ECON 8209-3, Research Methods Workshop 1
ECON 8413-3, Seminar: International Trade Theory
ECON 8747-3, Industrial Organization Theory
EDUC 5716-3, Basic Statistical Methods
EDUC 5726-3, Introduction to Disciplined Inquiry
EDUC 8230-3-4, Quantitative Methods 1
EDUC 8250-3, Qualitative Methods 1
ENVS 5710-3, Introduction to the Policy Sciences
GEOG 6752, Space, Place and Gender
HIST 5000-3, Historical Methods: Introduction to the Professional Study of History
JOUR 5861-3, Visual Communication
JOUR 6051-3, Theories of Mass Communication
JOUR 6301-3, Communication, Media, and Concepts of the Public
JOUR 6661-3, Media Ethics and Responsibility
JOUR 6771-3, History of Mass Communication
JOUR 6871-3, Special Topics [Electronic Media Law] JOUR 6871-3, Special Topics [Global Media] JOUR 7011-3, Proseminar in Communication Theory 1
JOUR 7051-3, Qualitative Research Methods in Mass Communication
LAWS 6301-3, Introduction to Intellectual Property
LAWS 7301-2-3, Copyright
LAWS 7361-2, Privacy, Security, and Digital Rights Management
LAWS 7428-3, Bioethics Law and Literature
LAWS 8341-3, Seminar: Law and Economics of the Information Age
LAWS 8430-2, Seminar: Comparative Public Health Law and Ethics
MKTG 7305-3, Qualitative and Survey Research Methods in Business
MKTG 7800-3, Doctoral Proseminar: Marketing
MKTG 7820-3, Doctoral Seminar: Sociological/Anthropological Approaches to Research in Marketing
MUSM 6110-1-3, Seminar in Museum Issues [Technology/Museum] PHIL 5400-3, Philosophy of Science
PHYS 7810-1-3, Special Topics in Physics [Teaching and Learning Physics] PSCI 5016-3, Introduction to the Policy Sciences
PSCI 7004-3, Seminar: Political Theory
PSCI 7075-3, Introduction to Professional Political Science
PSCI 7085-4, Introduction to Political Science Data Analysis
SOCY 5026-3, Feminist Research Methods
SOCY 5031-3, Research Design
SOCY 5121-3, Ethnographic Research Methods
SYST 5040-3, Digital Business Strategies
SYST 5510-3, Systems Design for Usefulness and Usability
SYST 6070-3, Survey of Operations Research
SYST 7805-3, Foundations of Research in Information Systems
SYST 7810-3, Technical Topics in Information Systems Research
SYST 7815-3, Behavioral Topics in Information Systems Research
TLEN 5010-3, Network Economics and Finance 1
TLEN 5240-3, Law and Regulation