MS TMS: Creative Technologies and Design (CTD)

Student Receives Instruction in BTU LabThe most exciting opportunities of the future will go to those who can radically transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries. The two-year Creative Technologies + Design track of the Master of Science in Technology Media and Society program encourages applications from outstanding and passionately engaged students from the sciences and engineering, as well as from the visual and performing arts.

Bringing together individuals with vastly different backgrounds and expertise, CTD offers artists and designers (of all kinds) the opportunity to gain strong technical skills to realize their creative vision. And it offers technologists (of all kinds) an entrée to creative disciplines. Unlike the vast majority of academic programs, CTD is an anti-disciplinary synthesis that prepares graduates for leadership in a wide gamut of careers in design, technology and the creative arts.  

Learning in the Creative Technologies + Design track is studio-based. Throughout the program, students devise personal portfolios of project work. In keeping with the self-directed spirit of the ATLAS Institute, students build their own curriculum, choosing from courses across CU-Boulder’s campus that best match their interests.  

Those with an arts background may select courses to build technical strength. Those with a technical background may select courses that develop more creative, conceptual, and speculative expertise. The program faculty includes instructors from the ATLAS Institute’s Technology, Arts, and Media (TAM) program as well as others.   






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