MS-ICTD Curriculum

The MS-ICTD degree program consists of ten graduate courses in the areas enumerated below. Working with the MS-ICTD program advisor, each student will develop a course and practicum plan that matches their particular interests and experience.


Fall Semester Spring Semester
Year 1 – ICTD Case Studies
– Global Development I
– Technology Elective
– Fieldwork Methods
– Global Development II
– Technology Elective
Year 2 – ICTD Laboratory
– Technology Elective
– Domain-specific elective
– Practicum


Year One

Year one provides students with an understanding of the interrelated nature of development studies and the role that ICTD can play in advancing development initiatives. All coursework builds upon the first semester core courses.

Year Two
Year two introduces students to ICTD in practice. As a cohort, students participate in an additional core ICTD course–a project-based laboratory in which small teams of students will develop an end-to-end ICTD intervention, while also taking a course in practical fieldwork methods.

Technology courses
All students take three courses (at least two lab- or project-based courses) in computer science, computer engineering, telecommunication or other related departments, based on student interest and expertise. The most popular courses include Human-Centered Computing, GIS, mobile application development, data analytics, embedded systems, and game design.


The fourth semester is dedicated to the Practicum. Under faculty supervision, the six-hour practicum consists of an project with an international development agency, foundation, non-governmental organization, or other organization in the public or private sector. If approved by the Program Director, students who already have a relationship with an existing development project or organization may be able to fulfill their practicum requirements within that context.

Students in good academic standing may petition to substitute courses based on their professional experience, as well as suggest independent study opportunities.

For further information, download the program description or email Ms. Ruscha Cohen, graduate program adviser, at

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