MS-ICTD: Objectives


Master of Science in Information and Communication Technology for Development (MS-ICTD)


The MS-ICTD masters program prepares you to: +/-
• Acquire the knowledge necessary to use information and communication technology to advance community development worldwide.

• Learn how to effectively translate community needs into technical systems

• Understand essential relationships between technology and culture, and theory and practice.

• Recognize how design, deployment, access, and policy influence development outcomes.

• Collaborate effectively with practitioners from multiple disciplines in the creation, deployment and evaluation of development solutions.

• Gain technical knowledge in areas of particular interest.

• Understand how ICTD fits into the international development and high technology industries.

• Gain practical experience by participating in at least two real-world development projects.

• Seek further graduate study in pursuit of a doctorate.

• Compete successfully for jobs with:

– Multinational companies with efforts in developing regions.
– Government and non-governmental organizations.
– Community-based organizations engaged in development.


Development as a path, not an endpoint: +/-
The MS-ICTD program is designed to train motivated individuals to use both technology and the social sciences to boost development initiatives all over the world.


Technology and societies vary, as do solutions +/-
Technologies that contribute to development vary. So students will be taught to evaluate the potential benefits, risks and consequences of technology for a wide range of societies and issues. Therefore, in addition to technical courses, students have the opportunity to study economics, policy, social entrepreneurship and related fields.


How do we balance technology with cultural, political and social concerns? +/-
In order for ICT-based development interventions to succeed, technological considerations must be balanced with social, cultural, political and external issues. Achieving a balance between technological and cultural/political issues is a central objective of this program, as is self-readiness for fieldwork.


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