PhD Dissertations

Gamification in Introductory Computer Science – KABehnke PhD Thesis – Technology Media Society Program, Behnke, Kara (2015)

The Transformative Experience in Engineering Education, Goodman, Katherine Ann  (2015)

Future of Story: Transmedia Journalism and National Geographic’s Future of Food Project, Moloney, Kevin (2015)

Freedom from Freedom: The Beneficial Role of Constraints in Collaborative Creativity, Saleh, Sid (2015) 

Information Management and Animal Welfare in Crisis: The Role of Collaborative Technologies and Cooperative Work in Emergency Response, White, Joanne (2015)

A Foggy Desert: Equitable Information Flow for a Fogwater System in Southwest Morocco, Dodson, Leslie (2014)

Digital Oblivion: The Right to be Forgotten in the Internet Age, Ambrose, Meg Leta (2013)

The PartoPen: Using Digital Pen Technology to Improve Maternal Labor Monitoring in the Developing World, Underwood, Heather (2013)

Crowdwork, Crisis and Convergence: How the Connected Crowd Organizes Information during Mass Disruption Events, Starbird, Kate (2012)

Situational Awareness in Mass Emergency: A Behavioral and Linguistic Analysis of Microblogged Communications, Vieweg, Sarah E (2012)

The impact of online teaching on higher education faculty’s professional identity and the role of technology:the coming of age of the virtual teacher, Simon, Edwige (2012)

Grassroots Heritage: A Multi-Method Investigation of How Social Media Sustain the Living Heritage of Historic Crises, Liu, Sophia B. (2011)

Advancement Through Interactive Radio, Sterling, S. Revi (2008)