Research @ ATLAS



ATLAS Ph.D. students work with advisors and committee members drawn from diverse departments across the University of Colorado campus and beyond. The diagram above illustrates, crudely, the focus areas of current PhD students (shown in blue) and their principal advisors (black).


ICTD: Revi Sterling and John Bennett are the principal faculty members working on Information and Communication Technology for Development.  Leslie Dodson is completing her dissertation in ICTD and Jo Kilde, Calvin Pohawpatchhoko, Abigale Stangl, and Richelle Cripe are all working on topics in or related to ICTD.

• Dodson’s dissertation is on the use of information and communication technologies by low-literate Berber women working on a unique fog water harvesting project in Morocco.

• Kilde’s interest is using ICTs for developing education in underrepresented communities in United States and in Kenya. She is working with Los Alamos National Laboratories on Collaborative Learning and Support Environment for Teachers (CLASET), a professional development online tool for K-12 teachers in New Mexico Native American Pueblo schools.

• Pohawpatchhoko applies Cultural Constructionism in computing, commerce, emerging economies and building human intellectual capital through educational research for Indigenous people.

• Abigale Stangl works on mixed-methodology research to appropriately and creatively design technologies, services, and environments to support communities looking to use technology to cultivate meaningful experiences and informal educational opportunities. She works in Tom Yeh’s Sikuli lab.


Crisis Informatics: Leysia Palen is the principal faculty member working on crisis informatics.  Lise St. Denis and Joanne White are both working with Palen on projects in this area. Project EPIC page


Making: Michael Theodore and Mark D Gross are the principal faculty members in the area of Making.  Hyunjoo Oh is working on the affordances of tangible interaction for play.   Jiffer Harriman creates new physical and digital interactions and interfaces that

expand the languages of music and the arts. His research aims to broaden access to the electronic and digital tools of interaction
design with the goal of empowering people of all ages to make physical and tangible interfaces.


Media: Mark Winokur is working with Kevin Moloney and Richele Cripe on projects in the Digital Humanities and Media.


Creative Collaboration: Maw Der Foo and David Hekman are working with Sid Saleh on using conjoint analysis for creative collaboration in business.


Learning and STEM: John Bennett, Clayton Lewis, Diane Sieber, and Tom Yeh are all working with ATLAS PhD students on projects in education, learning, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).






• Research at the National Center for Women in Information Technology (NCWIT)

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