T9 Hacks Highlights

So what did those busy hackers get up to during their 24-hour creation binge? We highlight a few projects here, with a link to more at the bottom.

Nucleator, a music visualizer by Prayash Thapa, features a beautiful, multi-layered exploration of music-made-visual. Using Soundcloud to supply the music, and his own artistry for the visuals, Thapa’s work is mesmerizing!
Hacker: Prayash Thapa







Roots to STEM is a website that aims to “connect young women with role models in STEM fields.” The four woman team created the site using open source code from a dating website, tweaking it to find compatible mentors—all that in 24 hours!
Hackers: Dalila Krouchkova, Natalie Carson, Breanna Murray, Elicia Dennis

Roots to STEM







Fresh 4 U is a way to keep the food in your fridge fresh. Still under development, the goal is to create an app that sends notifications to the user when food is about to expire, as well as providing tips to reduce waste.
Hackers: Emily Lin, Leslie Luk, Vi Nyugen, Vicki Everts









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