Master’s Students

Master of Science in Information and Communication Technology for Development


Chris Bopp received his B.S. in Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology. He has consulted for many organizations, providing guidance on information systems design and security. Bopp gained experience in bridging technology and social issues while at the AIDS Foundation of Chicago and is interested in using big data to understand and evaluate development initiatives.

William Dudley
Scott William Dudley, aka ‘Koda’, earned a BS in Computer Science with an English minor at the University of North Texas in 2003.
His career focused on interactive media and the social Web as well as virtual community and social media. Most of this experience revolved around the videogames industry. He works as a consultant and serves on the board for two non-profits, including the Presidential role at Apogaea Inc,, a 501(c)(3) for the arts.

Ralph Klee
Ralph Klee earned his undergraduate degree in English language and literature from the University of Michigan. Recently he has worked as a musician and an herbal medicine maker for local company WishGarden Herbs. He currently studies and performs West African music with the local drum and dance troupe Kissidugu.

Milee Shrestha
Milee Shrestha received her undergraduate degree in New Media Art, Computer Graphics from the University of Electro-Communication, Chofu Tokyo. Her post-graduate research enhanced her understanding of theories and conventional and unconventional applications of computer science and technology.

Vickie Stubbs
Vickie Stubbs received her undergraduate degree in Japanese, German and Political Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder. After working in industry for many years and then the ATLAS Institute where she witnessed students go through the MS-ICTD program, she decided to utilize her political science and language skills in a way to benefit society.

Corey Edwards
Corey Edwards is an academic coordinator and the tutoring director for the University of Colorado Athletics department. Edwards is an graduate of the University of Northern Colorado, where he studied communication and journalism and received an MS in Sports Administration.

Luke Groeninger received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from CU. He also served in the United States Army for seven years, where he gained first-hand experience in international development during his three deployments in Iraq.

Carolyn Moreau
Carolyn Moreau, who grew up in New Zealand, is a journalist and filmmaker and currently works as a videographer in the communications department at CU.
Alexandra Martin
Alexandra Martin worked as a research assistant while completing her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. Her undergraduate work focused on the neurological processes of learning and memory. She is a game developer and also has been a web developer in the Boulder area.

Joanne Reid
Joanne Reid has an undergraduate degree in mathematics from the University of Colorado and has skied on the CU Buffs ski team.

Indorf Kaplan
Nalini Indorf Kaplan earned her BA in International Studies from The American University and a Graduate Certificate in Organizational Development from Columbia University’s Teachers College. Her career spans roles as a CPA, entrepreneur, management consultant, investor, educator, financial and business coach, wealth advisor and currently a strategist, marketing director, chaplain and spiritual director. Her academic interests lie in distance education, information ethics and the impact of technology/communications on communities and spirituality.


Diana Presenti

Rachel Strobel
Rachel Strobel received her ATLAS master’s degree in ICTD (Information and Communication Technology for Development) in December 2013. Strobel has fieldwork, technology development and policy experience. She has experience with counter human-trafficking efforts in Mexico City, working with survivors and influential politicians. She has developed technology solutions for various NGOs in Mexico and Kenya. Strobel also worked with the prestigious Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) in London, where she helped with policy and regulatory analysis for various projects. Strobel is the current U.S. Representative for Reintegra (a counter human-trafficking organization based out of Mexico City) and is trying to find alternative revenue streams to continue Reintegra’s efforts.

Aaron Vimont
Aaron Vimont has a degree in Computer Science and joined the ATLAS ICTD program after working as a contractor on various projects.

Alexis Wagnon
Alexis Wagnon has a background in Communications and Social Marketing. Her studies focus on sustainable development and how communication technology and communication strategies can be used to revolutionize international and community development efforts. Originally from East Texas, her professional background consists of working as a communications strategist with companies such as Boulder Conservation Center, Silicon Flatirons and Jamba Juice.



J. Buckner

Leland Smith


Abigale Stangl

Abigale Stangl is interested in practicing mixed-methodology research to appropriately and creatively enhance the design of technologies, services, and environments. She applies her background in environmental planning, information communication technology for development (ICTD), and interaction design to support communities looking to use technology to cultivate meaningful experiences and informal educational opportunities.

Christopher Carruth
Neil DiMuccio
Matthew Hulse
Mustafa Naseem
Rachel Powers
Hawra Rabaan
Joellen Raderstorf
Stephanie Rodriguez
McClees Stephens
Alex Viggio
Maryam Moghaddam-Zadeh


Nicole Stephan
Nicole Stephan holds a BFA in graphic design from the College of Creative Studies in Detroit. Part of the first graduating cohort of the ICTD program in 2012, Stephan went on to Western States Art Federation(WESTAF). At WESTAF she leads the development of the
nation’s first creative economy data portal and visualization tool, the Creative Vitality Suite, which will launch in May 2014. Prior to attending the ICTD program, Stephan worked as senior designer with Wall Street on Demand (Markit on Demand). She had the opportunity to lead the design effort for a joint project of Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones called Adviser. The charting platform displayed up-to-the-second economic data and market sentiment and was the first of its kind.

Matthew Crum
Lakshmi Haridas
Kevin McElhinney
Alexandra Morgan