Ph.D. Seminar

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Ph.D. seminar

Throughout their time in the ATLAS Ph.D. program, students will be expected to participate in the weekly two-hour ATLAS Ph.D. seminar.

This student/faculty seminar critically examines issues from the wide range of disciplines and topics of relevance to research and scholarship in Technology, Media and Society, through readings, discussions and presentations by outside experts from academia, industry, the creative arts and government.

The rationale for the ATLAS Ph.D. seminar is directly tied to the areas of study and research for the Ph.D. Over the course of each academic year, the seminar involves topics and readings from each of the areas of study and research in the Ph.D. It provides students with breadth by exposing them to a range of topics, familiarity with current research issues and an understanding of critical evaluation and research methods.

It also provides students both the opportunity to hear from experts within and outside CU-Boulder, and to lead research discussions themselves. In addition to its role in helping to enhance each student’s knowledge of the broadly based research issues and methods in Technology, Media and Society, the seminar is intended to help create and sustain community among the students and faculty in the ATLAS Ph.D. program.

The program is a small one by design, assuring that each student will receive a great deal of individual attention from faculty, will participate in collaborative research with faculty, and will participate in a community where students and faculty are constantly educating each other.