CTD Projects

From Complex Topics to Skipping Rope – Explanimations Have You Covered

Screenshot of Megan Leahy's homepage
Megan Leahy is fascinated by the human body, but at the end of her Bachelor’s in Integrative Physiology, she decided to take a different turn. Building on her TAM and Business minors, she joined CTD to cultivate a newer facet of her passion – Motion Graphics. With polished and approachable graphic animations, she brings complex topics like respiratory gas exchange and genetically modified organisms down to Earth. Her approach, dubbed “Explanimate” is highlighted at her website meganleahy.com. If you’re looking to get fit, she’s combined her jump rope skills with technology to create a training app – Skipping Skills – and even runs a business offering group and individual jump roping session.


A Better User Interface Means a Better App

Screenshots of two mobile app interfaces developed by CTD student Madison Sabo
Even the best app ideas can be stopped by a poorly designed user interface. Madison Sabo has turned her eye for design to making better mobile user experiences. She analyzes existing user interfaces and brand images to bring what mobile users value into sleek, functional app interfaces. Visit her online portfolio for an interactive preview of her prototype study guide app “visual aid.” Another of her latest projects is the design of a mobile fashion app “Thread Trend.” Exploring her design process, and seeing the polish of the final design, will leave you wanting this app online already.