ATLAS Summer Experimental Music Week—Miller Puckette and Juliana Snapper at Fiske Planetarium

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Thursday, Aug 6
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Fiske Planetarium

Event Details

Courtesy Noun Project, created by Yorlmar CamposComputer music researcher and ATLAS visiting faculty member Miller Puckette and visiting artist soprano Juliana Snapper present an experimental program of live electronic music and live full-dome projection. The program matches experimental electronic art music from the 1960s with contemporary performance practice.

 The Fiske Planetarium’s 8K by 8K projection system presents a new and previously unrealized opportunity for artists wishing to generate imagery for real-time projection. Rather than playing back a prepared movie, Puckette and Snapper use Fiske’s 24 dedicated computers in parallel to generate images that respond to the sound and image of Snapper performing on stage.

The performance is collaboration getween ATLAS Institute and CU Boulder Fiske Planetarium’s “Full Dome Festival.” For more information and tickets, click here.


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