FLiGHT: Roger Reynolds and JACK Quartet

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Friday, Oct 7 - Saturday, Oct 8
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

ATLAS Black Box Experimental Studio, Roser ATLAS Center, University of Colorado Boulder

Event Details

In an ambitious new work, Pulitzer Prize-winning multimedia artist and composer Roger Reynolds condenses 2,500 years of human flight—real and imagined—into an 80-minute performance, progressing from imagined flight, to preparing for flight, to experiencing flight and, finally, to considering the perspective flight affords.


Performed by the widely acclaimed JACK Quartet, FLiGHT is an immersive artistic experience that weaves together such diverse elements as the Apollo program, Plato and the mythological character of Icarus.

Performance components include JACK Quartet’s strings, various recordings and sounds, actors voicing texts drawn from different time periods and cultures, and visual imagery projected onto boxes that are reoriented as the performance develops. Videographer Ross Karre and computer musician Paul Hembree will also contribute to the performance. 

This is a unique opportunity to preview a work-in-progress by one of the nation’s most innovative and enigmatic artists. FLiGHT has been performed once previously in the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., and after the ATLAS Black Box it premieres in New York later this fall.  

About Roger Reynolds

Roger Reynolds is a Pulitzer prize-winning American composer known for his capacity to seamlessly blend traditional and new music in works that incorporate music, poetry, art and mythology. His work defies definition. New York’s Village Voice applauded his “wizardry in sending music flying through space: whether vocal, instrumental or computerized.”

About JACK Quartet

Comprised of violinists Christopher Otto and Austin Wulliman, violist John Pickford Richards, and cellist Jay Campbell, the JACK Quartet has collaborated with some of the world’s most innovative new music composers. They have been described as “superheroes of the new music world” (Boston Globe), and “the go-to quartet for contemporary music, tying impeccable musicianship to intellectual ferocity and a take-no-prisoners sense of commitment” (Washington Post).

Event is free and open to the public.