MALfunction #4: Consciousness

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Wednesday, Feb 15
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Museum of Natural History

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MALfunction is a series of intimate events that question where media and society, research and practice meet. Each MALfunction features one researcher and one artist whose projects examine a similar technological theme. This free series is curated by Maya Livio.

Researcher: Jed Brubaker

The explosion of personal data precipitates an astounding quantity and variety of post-mortem data in the traces we leave behind. With this explosion come questions around how we should use and interact with the data of those who have died. 

Post-mortem data is opening up a new interaction space in need of research, design, and services experimenting with ways to maintain, reflect on, and use these data. In this talk, Brubaker will focus on possible pro-social futures for post-mortem interaction. As encounters with death become increasingly “everyday,” he argues that post-mortem interaction provides us an opportunity to design moments of remembrance that are equally everyday.

Jed Brubaker is an Assistant Professor in Information Science at University of Colorado–Boulder. He conducts research in social informatics, social media, and infrastructure studies, studying how identity is designed, represented, and experienced in socio-technical systems. He holds a PhD from the Department of Informatics at the University of California, Irvine, where his research focused on our digital afterlives, interactions with post-mortem data, and how to improve the management of accounts and personal data after we die. His work has received numerous awards and international media attention, and directly informed the design and development of Facebook’s Legacy Contact.

Brubaker is the Robert Kling Fellow, William Hulings ARCS Scholar, and was named University of California, Irvine’s Most Promising Future Faculty Member for 2013. He is a member of the Intel Science & Technology Center for Social Computing, Facebook Compassion Research.


Artist: Rachel Stuckey

Rachel Stuckey is interested in questioning, parodying, and endorsing technology’s influence on human bodies, minds, and systems of belief. Her work crossbreeds new media with analog media and New Ageism with technophilia. Her artist talk will cover recent projects including ‘Estrin Tide is Fresh’, ‘Everyone Else is Tired’ and ‘Update Required’ that explore transhumanism, xenofeminism, and technologized spirituality through performative video, multi-sensory installations, and VR mindhacking sessions.

Rachel Stuckey is a new media artist based in Austin, Texas. She received her MFA in Transmedia Studio Arts from the University of Texas in 2016, and her BFA in Filmmaking from the University of Colorado Boulder. She is hyper-employed as Director of Speculative Futures at The Museum of Human Achievement in Austin and Director of The Welcome to my Guest Room Digital Artist Residency Program at
Her work has shown in Houston, Nashville, Chicago, Providence, New York, Milwaukee, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Prague, Ljubljana, and elsewhere.