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Saturday, Feb 25 - Sunday, Feb 26

ATLAS Institute Black Box Experimental Studio, basement level B2

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Photo credit Dave Jennings, Daily Camera

Pack a laptop, a change of clothes and some creativity, and head over to CU Boulder ATLAS for T9Hacks, an invention marathon of sorts that’s absolutely free!  T9Hacks is a place to try out new ideas and collaborate in a fun environment, an all-night event where participants race to create the next great software project. Hacking will continue for 24 hours straight, and participants don’t need programming experience. And there’s free food, too!

T9Hacks is a women’s hackathon–the “T” stands for “Title IX.” Men can attend too, but in Sadie Hawkins fashion; they need to be invited by a woman (see website for details). The event is geared towards college students (and recent college grads) to see what hackathons are about, learn, explore, and create something new. 

Explore the possibilities. Get a start on a project you’ve had in the back of your mind. Create a solution to a problem you see often. Build something you never have before. And for those who have never written a line of code–this event is especially for you. Mentors will guide you through the process.

You don’t need to attend CU Boulder to attend T9Hacks. But, you do need to register.

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