EXPO Fall 2016 Student Projects

Students planning to exhibit projects for ATLAS Expo Fall 2016 were invited to submit descriptions of their work. The list below includes information submitted in advance from more than 50 students. We anticipate around 100 student projects will be on exhibit for the event. We will update this page as we are able. (Back to event page)

Student Names Project Name Project Description
Guadalupe Avalos, Jimmy Cordova Phone Tag Have you ever been pickpocketed? Have you ever gotten your phone stolen? Our Phone Tag will alert you when your phone is walking away from you or vice versa.
Marla Bernstein, Carolyn Castanon Flower Garden An interactive art installation that allows users to type specific keys to illuminate corresponding flowers.
Marla Bernstein, Carolyn Castanon Chill Out Carly A stress reliever companion who compliments you in times of need.
Matthew Bing Don’t Panic! A short horror/thriller escape room using the Oculus Rift VR Headset.
Ole Bjelland Technology and Qualitative Data Analysis The project aims to research how technology/software is currently being used by NGOs when analyzing qualitative data.
Gregory Blumer The Obnoxious Personal Trainer The Obnoxious Personal Trainer is a small wearable technology that encourages users to continue moving. The user’s movement is tracked, and when there is little to no motion, the device emits a persistant (some might say obnoxious) sound.
Gregory Blumer Fargo-Reimagined Title Sequence The cult classic film Fargo is known for eveyrthing but its title sequence. Reimagined in a subtle animation, this title sequence uses iconic scenes to entice new and returning audiences.
Franny Campbell A Modern Family Building on the work of photographer John Baldesarri, this work is a visual representation of the creators family that draws elements of different family members into a single form.
Bo Cao Intuitive Gesture Interaction Between Human and Robot Gestures are used to control different kinds of robots, including a ground vehicle, Turtlebot; a humanoid robot, NAO; and the flying Bebop Drone 2.0.
Bo Cao, Aayush Grover FeelCam A camera that is triggered to take a photo by interpretting users’ facial expression, gestures or voice in the context to mean they wish to have their photo taken.
Justin Chin, Juan Molina, Sergio Rivera CU Visually Virtual experience that allows the user to use voice commands and virtual controllers to visualize CU international activities in a creative and engaging manner. Users also interested in studying abroad in Mexico or Japan can view a 360 video tour.
Cyron Completo Sound Narrative- the Snows of Kilimanjaro A sonic representation of the classic short story by Hemingway, “The Snows of Kilimanjaro”. The story focuses on a dying man’s last thoughts as he wastes away at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Matt Dickey Drawing Robot This robot traces digital line art onto physical surfaces to turn digital sketchbooks into more powerful tools for traditional artists.
Riley Draper Number 13 An average night for a police officer takes a dark and unexpected turn.
Steven Funk Thalassophobia Exploring the idea of thalassophobia in an ominous and dark virtual scene of an underwater environment with monsters, ships, sharks and more.
Mike Gough, Chandler Zastrow SmartLamp Lamp that assists in waking the user up by turning on a light as their alarm goes off. The lamp is only activated by an alarm if a phone is placed in a designated spot.
Joseph Graff The Stranger: A Narrative Sound Design The following is a sonic interpretation of one of the 20th century’s most captivating novels, “The Stranger,” by Albert Camus. This piece aims to capture Camus’ theme, which he describes as “the nakedness of man faced with the absurd.”
Rohit Gupta Chance A multiview iOS game with Firebase-supported backend.
Cade Haley Tesseract – a VR exploration and puzzle game You fall asleep and wake up inside an extradimensional dream world where normal rules of gravity don’t apply. Traverse walls and navigate a maze of odd structures and winding bridges to find your way back to the real world before time runs out.
Maren Hall-Wieckert Stop! In the name of love… A bicycle brake light system wired using two BBC Micro Bit microprocessors, a panel of 50 RGB addressable LEDs, and 2 LED buttons that serve as turn signals. The built-in accelerometer in the microbit controls the brake light.
Taylor Hershberger p5 pong My project uses p5 and Arduino to recreate the popular game, Pong.
Layne Hubbard MindScribe MindScribe helps young, preliterate children reflect on their creations and share their ideas with others. MindScribe puppets and stuffed animals ask children questions about their inventions to create shareable stories for their family and friends.
Ruth Hunsinger Single Taken A wearable device that helps to connect singles by communicating their relationship status. The device displays relationship status. If another person nearby shares the same status, the device displays a specific shape.
Paige Johnson Dreaming Flight Have you ever had a dream where you were flying, only to wake up and immediately want to go back into the dream? Now with Virtual Reality you can experience flying and explore a dreamlike world as a dragon kite flying in the wind.
Annie Kane Sticky Gaze The male gaze sticks to just about every form of media, eliciting harmful everyday actions. The majority of society sleeps on this phenomenon, which prevents it from ever being washed away.
Kristof Klipfel, Alex Goodwin, Annie Kelly and Chris Koski Audiovisual Playground An immersive virtual reality experience where users explore a colorful, futuristic, musical composition environment. Wearing a VR headset, users compose music by activating 3D objects using physical gestures.
Sarah Kim, Jared Cole TWO The first video of a three-part visual EP. Music written and performed by Sarah Song Kim and produced by Jared Cole. Video directed and edited by Sarah Song Kim.
Sarah Kim Stranger Things Wall A pop-culture reference to the 2016 Netflix Original thriller Stranger Things, made from Arduino, programmable LEDs, Christmas light bulb covers, paint and ugly wall paper.
Brittany Ann Kos Life at 77% Play the game of life! Travel through life from infancy to adulthood. Collect toys and hobbies. Go to college and find your career path. Become the best virtual person you can be!
Angel Lam Animal Guessing Game App The Animal Guessing Game App demonstrates what students new to app making can learn to do in the ATLAS class, Mobile App Development.
Angel Lam Wooden Catan Board The recreation of the board for “The Settlers of Catan” board game demonstrates the creative potential of turning ordinary things into something just a little bit better.
Zachary Lamb Shell Game for iOS An app based on the common shell game, with all graphics designed by the author.
Megan Leahy The Explanimated Textbook The Explanimated Textbook explores how animation and interactivity can enhance learning in anatomy and physiology courses.
Megan Leahy Skipping Skills Instructional Jump Rope App Skipping Skills makes it easy for young athletes to view video explanations and demonstrations by world-class jump ropers in order to learn, practice, and master jump rope skills.
Sarah Martin Untitled This project was inspired by the work of surrealist photographer Man Ray. The photo uses glass to communicate the transparency of the things we hide.
Megan McGoodwin Compass Interface When a magnetometer is oriented to true north by turning the compass disk, the constellation Ursa Minor, which includes Polaris (the Pole/North star) is illuminated on a wooden panel.
Keren Megory-Cohen War Mobile App A mobile application that simulates the card game, War.
Shubham Mudgal BlackJack An easy-to-play casino game of BlackJack—user vs dealer.
Logan Neitenbach Sound Narrative of The Haunted Palace This project is an attempt to display the themes and tones of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Haunted Palace” through the medium of sound.
Alex Pilnick Fermix Paradox Google Cardboard App Visualize the Fermix Paradox in 3D! Can you survive the Great Filter?
Madison Polansky Moomin Mymble and Little My Sonic Narrative A sonic narrative of the Finnish children’s book published in 1952. Moomintroll is running errands when he runs into an upset Mymble who lost her sister, Little My. The two encounter Gaffsie, Hemulen, and Hattifatteners before making it home safely.
Emily Porter QDA Helpline Qualitative data analysis software tutorial site/data collection device
Shelby Pumphrey The Poet with His Face in His Hands This project attempts to recreate the narrative told in Mary Oliver’s poem, “The Poet with His Face in His Hands,” sonically and without words.
Rishabh Raghavendran VR Drummer Boy An interactive VR drum set.
Rabin Ranabhat Tic-tac-toe Tic-Tac-Toe is an iOS application that can be played in either a single or two-player modes: In the single-player mode, the game has a modified min-max algorithm to play defensive; in two-player mode, players can alternate taking turns to play.
Daniel Rankin Light Canopy A canopy of branches hangs overhead, its only inhabitants are lights and sounds, reacting as the canopy is approached. Sometimes beckoning, other times shy, it provokes the viewer to consider their role in the gap between organic and synthetic.
Mahesh Ravindranathan Rescute There are many pet animals that have lost their way and are wandering around trying to find their owner.There are many homeless animals without shelter
Our objective is to help lost pet animals, help homeless animals find a potential owner
Ariel Riggan Tips to save the world! Learn how to be more green through a short interactive game. Your character navigates several webpages where the user can quiz themselves about the environment or find hidden information about how to be more environmentally friendly.
Ariel Riggan The Defender The Defender is a robot to help children combat fear of the dark. The Defender is equipped with a remote control light, a foam sword, and wheels, so a child can stay safely in bed while inspecting dark corners of his or her room for monsters.
Fuji Robledo Penguin Math for iOS A mobile app designed to help children increase their basic arithmetic skills through a cute, fun game.
Fuji Robledo Prototype of A Remote, Low-Cost Water Quality Measurement Unit This independent research project has involved creating a low-fidelity prototype of a remote, low-cost, water quality measurement unit using an Electron micro-controller.
McCarley Rutledge Climate Through Lasers A series of climate change and environmentally themed hand drawings that are translated and laser etched into wood and various other materials.
Hannah Scott Stood Up Girl makes plans. Girl goes to coffee shop. Girl waits. Waits. Waits. Girl leaves.
Narain Yegneswara Sharma Solution to Communication Disorder (SOCO) The project proposes a wearable device to assist kids with communication disorders.
Ian Smith Televised An ominous gaze follows spectators across a digital canvas in this interactive piece about the shaping of history through broadcast news. The piece is coded in Processing and utilizes a Microsoft Kinect camera for tracking 3D movements.
Harry Spetnagel Analog Drum Machine Play a drum set with a custom-built controller.
Christina Stanczyk Dream-Land A sonic narrative that brings you to the morbid world Edgar Allen Poe depicts in the poem Dream-Land. Sound effects capture the ominous tone of the poem, making the observer feel like he or she is observing an entirely new place.
Cory Strieper Apophenia Sonic Narrative
Abhijit Suresh, Narain Sharma, Ranganathan Chidambaranathan SOCO The project proposes a wearable device to assist kids with a communication disorder. A communication disorder is defined as the impairment in the ability to process and comprehend verbal communication.
Michael Walker HoloLens ARGameboard Tabletop gaming in augmented reality – holographic models, scenery, weather and more!
Matt Whitlock StoAR With the prominence of online shopping in our everyday lives, the drawbacks of the in-store experience are becoming more apparent. StoAR is an augmented reality online shopping experience in-store, prototyped in rirtual reality.
A. Grace Wilson The Rising Sun This photo-manipulation examines the sky-high hopes that fill our soul and the mountain ranges that flow as EKGs beneath our skin. Sorrow and upheaval help to build our heartbeats. This cannot stop us from trailing light in our wake.
A. Grace Wilson Uploaded Identity: Who We Are Online An independent study using interviews, new media and historical research on Tumblr and Reddit to show organic online societies with unique social codes and similar trends of self-selected community. Presented as a poster and first crafted as a book.
Mitchell Wolfe Night Wanderings Night Wanderings is a book that shows a light painting and longer exposure photography project.
Mitchell Wolfe, Blaine VanNice, Samuel Thornton Night in Shining Armor A video game that explores the adventures of a knight and how his confidence affects his abilities.
Lionel Wynn Jr xDrip Wireless Glucose Monitor Receiver Case The xDrip project is an open source project for the creation of wireless receivers for an embedded glucose monitor. What I have done is model a custom case to contain the circuit with access ports for charging and reprogramming the system.

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