ICTD Expert-in-Residence Moderates CWA Panel

Mustafa Naseem, ICTD expert-in-residence, moderated the panel, “Burning Issues in International Development” at the Conference on World Affairs on Monday, April 10. Those who missed it can still listen to the panel in its entirety, which was broadcast on KGNUIndependent Community Radio.  The panel highlighted worldwide issues of democracy and corruption and the effects of environmental change and unsustainable growth on the planet and underserved communities.  The event featured panelists Pablo Better, president and CEO Stealth Telecom del Ecuador S.A.;  Edward Elmendorf, past president of the United Nations Association;  Fred Haberman, CEO and cofounder Haberman, a creative agency, and cofounder of Urban Organics; and William Ryerson, president, Population Media Center.