The Roser ATLAS Building lobby filled with students in motion.

ATLAS is an interdisciplinary institute for radical creativity and invention. We inspire research, experimentation and critical thinking that turns ingenious ideas into reality. ATLAS students and faculty members seek to predict the future by inventing it. The institute’s labs and academic programs encourage out-of-the-box thinking and creative exploration, attracting technology visionaries and virtuosos who reach beyond convention, take risks and innovate.

Our synthesis of design and technology amplifies innovation in engineering and the arts. We believe the best way to shape the future is to invent it. We promote rigorous, curiosity-driven investigation in a thriving academic community that is supportive, energetic and playful. A changemaker at the University of Colorado Boulder, ATLAS is proud to offer a full portfolio of interdisciplinary academic programs through the College of Engineering and Applied Science.

ATLAS was founded in 1998 by then-Chancellor Dick Byyny and CIO of the Boulder campus Bobby Schnabel.   Learn more about the history of ATLAS …